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I am Alex Rinehart,
Game designer and writer
based out of Seattle, WA.

As one third of Idlewild Games, I create the kinds of tabletop roleplaying games I'd like to play, many of them focused on single-session experiences. These games are razor-tuned for specific audiences. They don't always resonate with people, but when they do, they resonate hard.

You can find all my published games on Itch.

Whether its mechanics, lore, or narrative design, I can help you flesh out your ideas and bring them to life. I excel at taking ideas and coaxing them into finished projects. No more half-finished prototypes or "someday" ideas! No project too small! Discounts available for large or noncommercial projects.

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What I Do.

How can I help you, and why would you want to collaborate with me?

I write roleplaying games, adventures, stories, and more. You can hire me to help you bring your roleplaying dreams to reality. Whether it's your first project or your thirtieth, I'm always happy to chat and round out your ideas.

I have experience with every step of the process: from writing, refining, and playtesting, to crowfunding projects with Kickstarter, as well as working with publishers and distrubtors.

Evocative Writing

You only get one chance to catch a reader's attention. There's a thousand games they could be playing, so why should they pick up yours? They won't. Not unless they're engaged. Hooked from the first sentence and dragged along until the dice start rolling.

Full Process Experience

I've written more than 40 adventures, supplements, classes, and game systems. I'm familiar with dozens of rules frameworks, as well the as publishing process from start to finish. I can meet a deadline, and I can deliver what you need without any unwanted surprises.


Good lore excites the imagination and breathes stories into existence. The setting of a game is more than background noise, it's the sandbox that players will be rolling around in. You want lore that sparks ideas, that generates plothooks as easily as breathing. Take the work off the GM for a while.

Word Counts

Having written for blogs, zines, articles, as well as full-sized hardcovers, I can respect a word limit. Many writers will argue that they can show off if they had "just a little more space". I'll respect your constraints, and your layout artist will be happier for it.

Flexible Rates

I offer discounts for noncommercial projects, as well as for particularly large projects (>4,000 words) or those that lead to repeat work.

Technical Writing

Nothing ruins a game faster than ambiguity. I have experience writing clearly and consicely to convey rules in a way that elimates friction and enables the game to be played.

Latest Work.

Looking for more? You can find samples of my work in my portfolio.

For full projects, check out my page.


Game, Collaboration

Close Encounters

Game, Zine

Gratitude: A Horror Game

Game, Zine, Collaboration


Game, Collaboration

The Chronicle

Game, Collaboration

Slayers of Suburbia


Tales of Dead Men


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What people are saying

Comments from clients and reviewers

Alex was able to create and expand on simple ideas and created something that I felt was a perfect addition to my lore. I would gladly hire Alex again, and wish I had done so sooner.

Tyler T.

I immediately love how this is written. The text has a good sense of humor and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's very conversational while also presenting the information clearly.

Samantha L.
Review, Cretaceous Skatepark

This took the best parts of [D&D] and added smoother and honestly more fun aspects to the game. I was hesitant to be a DM because of all the rules I had to master, but this seems very do-able and very enjoyable!

Review, Solipstry

An excellent game with well-communicated content warnings, 221 inspiring prompts, and a clever layout!

Sebastian Yūe
Review, Today's Passing

Slayers of Suburbia is absolutely delightful! Cretaceous Skatepark is hilarious and I laughed multiple times while reading.

Blinking Birch Games
Review, Slayers of Suburbia

This is my favourite RPG of this year! I shall be playing it until they prize the Fear Die from my cold dead fingers.

Pencil Monkey
Review, Gratitude: A Horror Game

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